Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water-soluable Calcium phosphate(WCAP)

Collect animal bones

Make bones charcoal
 What is WCAP?

Phosphoric acid and calcium were thought to take effect slowly.But if you improve the production method and use it according to plants' life cycle,it can be very effective and will see the results in a week.

How to make WCAP

1. Collect animal bones(cows,pigs,etc)
2. Boil,sun dried and burn the bones make like charcoal.(Boil and burn the bones to remove fat and meat.)
3. Put 1 part of charcoal bones: 10 part of brown rice vinegar( BRV)  The bone will emit bubbles.When bubbles stop,put more bones.If it bubbles, it is not saturated.

How to use WCAP

Dilution ratio 1part of WCAP : 1000 part of water

Spray on leaves before and after the changeover period.Feed your animals during pregnancy or breeding time. Must diluted with water all our Natural Farming inputs.

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