Sunday, January 16, 2011

My vision of CGNF Hawaii

We at CGNF/Hawaii ( Cho Global Natural Farming/Hawaii ) have been learning and experimenting with Natural Farming inputs the last few years and we want to educate, train the public, especially farmers, ranchers, teachers and school children how to make and use all natural materials that can be easily found all around you. One of our main sources of inputs is from microorganisms.

We want to create an Educational Center through instruction on environmental stewardship principals, so that the public will learn how to experience sustainable Natural Farming. We are planning to make a model farm with 3 cows, 10 pigs, 500 chickens and some crops in a 3 to 5 acre parcel of land.

We have toured many different Natural Farms in South Korea and saw they were very successful and there were no smell where live stock live. They clean the livestock pens once every 3 years.

We want to train dedicated volunteers to teach the natural process and then learn marketing skills to make Hawaii more sustainable and experience totally naturally produced food without threatening the ecological balance.

The Natural Farming method will reduce 60% of the farmers expenses and increase production by 30%.

The scope of the expanded community education program and stewardship network will raise awareness of the environment and the Law of Nature.

It will help grow not only the Big Island resident but also people throughout the USA and all  nations.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to make OHN
After add Vodka need to stir in the morning every day for 2 weeks. Once you add vodka  close the top otherwise alcohol will evaporate. 2 weeks after take out 1/3 of liquid each in different jar. Repeat 5 times. Please label them.
Remember ratio: angelica 2: licorice 1: cinnamon 1: ginger 1: garlic 1
When you combine them all it's OHN (1:1000)  : means OHN 20cc mix with 5gal water.
It takes almost 3 month start o finish.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chicken killer dogs

These are not my dogs...I do not like them at all...
      Please dear God protect my animals...I did not see
                                         but I have feeling they are the one who kill my Miki.

Korean bean cake

Ka Hana Noeau Fundraiser Jan 8,2011