Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lactic Acid Bacteria(LAB)

   Lactic acid bacteria are anaerobic microorganisms that decompose sugar into lactic acid in the absence of oxygen. Normally, they are separated and cultured with first rice washed water and milk.
Lactic acid bacteria are very effective in improving ventilation of air in soil and highly effective in growth of fruit trees and leaf vegetables. The lactic acid or organic acid produced have a ph2, possessing strong sterilization power. They can survive with or without oxygen and withstand high temperature. Lactic acid decomposes or chalets minerals stuck to soil and not easily dissolved making easy for the plants to absorb.
And when plants absorb lactic acid,body fluid is adjusted within the plant to increase the tolerance and withstand heavy rain without becoming soft.

How to make LAB

2 jars( one big and one medium),porous paper,rubber band or string,first rice-washed water,milk( un processed,if possible)
Optimum temperature is 75F-80F,shady area,little change in the environment.
1.Put first rice washed water 2/3 of medium jar.Cover with porous paper and tie it. Let it sit in room temperature 3-5 days.
Lactic acid bacteria propagate and start to give a sour smell.

2. Pour 1 part of fermented rice water and pour 10 part of milk in the jar(1:10 ratio).Let it sit 5-7days.You will see starch, protein and fat float on top and yellow liquid remains at the bottom.Remove floating substance,save yellow liquid and store in a refrigerator.
To store in room temperature, it must be mixed with equal amount of brown sugar.

How to use LAB

Basic dilution is 1 part LAB:1000 part water. IMO are mostly aerobic microorganisms, so by using the anaerobic LAB, you can get a balance. Add LAB when you making mixed compost or liquid fertilizer, you will have the best fermentation results.It will be even better if you add FPJ. If you failed in making compost try using LAB it will prevent the deterioration of the compost.
Combine LAB with IMO to spray onto your fields.Anaerobic microorganisms are powerful tillers they dig into the soil and turn them soft and fluffy.
Feed LAB(1:1000) with FPJ(1:500) to your live stock when they have disease.It will restore their digestive system.
LAB is extremely effective in making big size fruits and leaves. But if you use too much sweetness will drop.So in case of fruits use less LAB in the later stages and add WCA(1:1000) and SW(1:30) to manage proper sugar level.
In Natural Farming all inputs are used with precision timing and quantity based on strict scientific theory.
We believe it is ideal to have culturing condition that is both aerobic and anaerobic.So the end product can be adopt to both environments.


  1. In order to store it at room temperature it must be mixed with an equal amount of brown sugar.-- Does this mean if I have one gallon of LAB-- I would mix with one gallon of brown sugar?
    Thanks Rose

  2. Aloha Mr & Mrs Smith,
    Yes, to store in room temperature,it must mixed with the same amount of brown sugar. After mix with brown sugar do not close cap.Close loosely so gas can escape.
    I use paper towel and rubber band or string to close top.
    Have a great day,Kim