Thursday, April 7, 2011

Human Excrement Liquid Fertilizer (HLF)

What is HLF?

This particular liquid fertilizer is made from fermented human excrement. Human excrement are outstanding fertilizer rich in nutrients compared to animals excrement. Human bowel was utilized in farms some time ago. However,it is very rare today due to problems including parasites. If human bowel is used by itself,the biggest problem is the concentration.Human excrement are very strong that the crops are poisoned by them.In other words, they provide excessive nitrogen. The excrement also do not ferment well.They rather corrode.
You can fix this problem by fermentation. Fermentation rids parasites and converts indigestible substances in to digestible ones.And by using dilution there is no problem of concentration.
30 to 40 years ago all orchard farmers used human excrement;they produced excellent fruits.Now human feces are a big waste and pollution.We should look back at converting waste into resources.

How to make HLF

1. Dig a pit on the ground with adequate width and depth. Inside of  greenhouse is good because higher temperature accelerates the process. Sunny or shade are both OK.
2.Spread a large plastic sheet on the floor and walls of the pit.
3.Put human excrement in the pit.
4.Add water half the weight of excrement(for example 600kg excrement : 300kg water). Currently, the height of ingredients should fill 1/3 of the pit.
5.Add 60kg of fermentation starters. For starters,use yeast cultivated on rice bran.
6. After 4-5 days fermentation will be complete.The smaller the air bubbles, the better the quality. Use stick to stir the material once in a while to promote fermentation.
7. After fermentation,fill the hole with water(1800 kg).It will take one more week to mature.After maturity, the liquid will be dark brown and unfermented solids will surface.

How to use HLF

Dilute 30-50 times before use. Spray on soil or leaves. Results are better when used with IMO or FAA. HLF contains a lots of phosphoric acid;use it accordingly.It also has mineral and salt those are good for crops.

These information's are from Master Cho's book

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