Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lactic Acid Bacteria(LAB)

   Lactic acid bacteria are anaerobic microorganisms that decompose sugar into lactic acid in the absence of oxygen. Normally, they are separated and cultured with first rice washed water and milk.
Lactic acid bacteria are very effective in improving ventilation of air in soil and highly effective in growth of fruit trees and leaf vegetables. The lactic acid or organic acid produced have a ph2, possessing strong sterilization power. They can survive with or without oxygen and withstand high temperature. Lactic acid decomposes or chalets minerals stuck to soil and not easily dissolved making easy for the plants to absorb.
And when plants absorb lactic acid,body fluid is adjusted within the plant to increase the tolerance and withstand heavy rain without becoming soft.

How to make LAB

2 jars( one big and one medium),porous paper,rubber band or string,first rice-washed water,milk( un processed,if possible)
Optimum temperature is 75F-80F,shady area,little change in the environment.
1.Put first rice washed water 2/3 of medium jar.Cover with porous paper and tie it. Let it sit in room temperature 3-5 days.
Lactic acid bacteria propagate and start to give a sour smell.

2. Pour 1 part of fermented rice water and pour 10 part of milk in the jar(1:10 ratio).Let it sit 5-7days.You will see starch, protein and fat float on top and yellow liquid remains at the bottom.Remove floating substance,save yellow liquid and store in a refrigerator.
To store in room temperature, it must be mixed with equal amount of brown sugar.

How to use LAB

Basic dilution is 1 part LAB:1000 part water. IMO are mostly aerobic microorganisms, so by using the anaerobic LAB, you can get a balance. Add LAB when you making mixed compost or liquid fertilizer, you will have the best fermentation results.It will be even better if you add FPJ. If you failed in making compost try using LAB it will prevent the deterioration of the compost.
Combine LAB with IMO to spray onto your fields.Anaerobic microorganisms are powerful tillers they dig into the soil and turn them soft and fluffy.
Feed LAB(1:1000) with FPJ(1:500) to your live stock when they have disease.It will restore their digestive system.
LAB is extremely effective in making big size fruits and leaves. But if you use too much sweetness will drop.So in case of fruits use less LAB in the later stages and add WCA(1:1000) and SW(1:30) to manage proper sugar level.
In Natural Farming all inputs are used with precision timing and quantity based on strict scientific theory.
We believe it is ideal to have culturing condition that is both aerobic and anaerobic.So the end product can be adopt to both environments.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer fruite vegetable nutrients

Vegetative growth(Young age) formula
Spray once a week(can be 5-6 days) about 3-4 times

OHN 1:1000
BRV 1:500
FPJ(mugwart,dropwart) 1:500
FAA 1:1000
WCAP 1:1000
NM C 1:1000

Change over (Flowering stage)
If you grow your crops in green house dilute 10-15% more.

OHN 1:1000
BRV 1:500
FPJ ( Acacia or Young green fruit) 1:500
WCAP 1:1000
NM D 1:1000

Reproductive stage (Fruiting,Harvest stage)
When you start harvesting spray once a week or every 5 days.

OHN 1:1000
FAA 1:1000
WCAP 1:1000
FFJ 1:500
WCA 1:1000
SW (sea water) 1:30

Friday, April 8, 2011

About Kim

Kim CS Chang started as Artist. She studied art at Ewha Woman's university at Seoul Korea,Hawaii community college and University of Hawaii at Hilo.She had countless art exhibitions.

She also intrest in Hawaii culture studied at community college and learning Hula from "Halau o Kekuhi" since 1997.

In business side she has involved in beauty industry since 1979 and she was one of the top 60 manager at Regis corporation.

When she was working as realtor she was top producer for ERA pacific Properties.

She studied" Cho Global Natural Farming","Permaculture"," water for life "and "CDTS"at University of Nation in Kona
Also Studied at founder of Cho Global Natural Farming school in Korea
She has been teaching CGNF last 2-3 years.

She always love nature and sports with nature.She learned advanced open water scuba diving at Moorea(1985), open water long distance swimming,Down hill skiing etc.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sea water is not only rich in sodium, it has abundant minerals and other unknown micro nutrients. They boost the crops'metabolism that is easily deficient of minerals.It is annual event for Natural Farmers to travel to the sea and bring seawater for one year's use.Most NF orchards would pick up seawater as the best input for elevating sugar content of fruits.Seawater is diluted by 30 times,sun dried salt by 1,000 times.

How to use seawater

1.To sweeten the fruits.Add WCA(1:1000) to dilute seawater. Spray twice ;month before harvest and then 20days before harvest.
2.To prevent feather loss of chickens in summer.Feed diluted seawater,BRV(1:200),WCA(1:500) once in 2 days.

Human Excrement Liquid Fertilizer (HLF)

What is HLF?

This particular liquid fertilizer is made from fermented human excrement. Human excrement are outstanding fertilizer rich in nutrients compared to animals excrement. Human bowel was utilized in farms some time ago. However,it is very rare today due to problems including parasites. If human bowel is used by itself,the biggest problem is the concentration.Human excrement are very strong that the crops are poisoned by them.In other words, they provide excessive nitrogen. The excrement also do not ferment well.They rather corrode.
You can fix this problem by fermentation. Fermentation rids parasites and converts indigestible substances in to digestible ones.And by using dilution there is no problem of concentration.
30 to 40 years ago all orchard farmers used human excrement;they produced excellent fruits.Now human feces are a big waste and pollution.We should look back at converting waste into resources.

How to make HLF

1. Dig a pit on the ground with adequate width and depth. Inside of  greenhouse is good because higher temperature accelerates the process. Sunny or shade are both OK.
2.Spread a large plastic sheet on the floor and walls of the pit.
3.Put human excrement in the pit.
4.Add water half the weight of excrement(for example 600kg excrement : 300kg water). Currently, the height of ingredients should fill 1/3 of the pit.
5.Add 60kg of fermentation starters. For starters,use yeast cultivated on rice bran.
6. After 4-5 days fermentation will be complete.The smaller the air bubbles, the better the quality. Use stick to stir the material once in a while to promote fermentation.
7. After fermentation,fill the hole with water(1800 kg).It will take one more week to mature.After maturity, the liquid will be dark brown and unfermented solids will surface.

How to use HLF

Dilute 30-50 times before use. Spray on soil or leaves. Results are better when used with IMO or FAA. HLF contains a lots of phosphoric acid;use it accordingly.It also has mineral and salt those are good for crops.

These information's are from Master Cho's book

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CGNF Waimea class/April 5,2011

Waimea CGNF students brought their homework and show and tell.

Great job collecting IMO 1

Hope these 4 couples create CGNF day :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water-soluable Calcium phosphate(WCAP)

Collect animal bones

Make bones charcoal
 What is WCAP?

Phosphoric acid and calcium were thought to take effect slowly.But if you improve the production method and use it according to plants' life cycle,it can be very effective and will see the results in a week.

How to make WCAP

1. Collect animal bones(cows,pigs,etc)
2. Boil,sun dried and burn the bones make like charcoal.(Boil and burn the bones to remove fat and meat.)
3. Put 1 part of charcoal bones: 10 part of brown rice vinegar( BRV)  The bone will emit bubbles.When bubbles stop,put more bones.If it bubbles, it is not saturated.

How to use WCAP

Dilution ratio 1part of WCAP : 1000 part of water

Spray on leaves before and after the changeover period.Feed your animals during pregnancy or breeding time. Must diluted with water all our Natural Farming inputs.

Water-soluable Cacium(WCA)

What is WCA?
Calcium contributes to better utilization of carbohydrates and protein.It is also major element in forming a cell membrane.Calcium prevents overgrowth of crops,hardens the fruit,prolongs storage period,promotes absorption of phosphoric and helps crops accumulate nutrients.
If crops has calcium deficiency cells cannot form properly.The leaves will dry out into brown.In case of peanuts, when you have empty shells, this is calcium deficiency.
Calcium is abundant in egg,oyster and crab shells.The best is egg shells.We shell make a water-soluble state.

How to make WCA

1.Collect eggshells rinse with water and take the inside peel out.
2.Brake the shells into small pieces.
3.Roast shells in the pan on simmer temperature for 45mins to remove any organic substances that can rot.
3.One part of roast shells and 10 part of brown rice vinegar(BRV) in the jar.( Remember total materials only fill up to 2/3 of jar.) The eggshells will move up and down,when there is no movement or bubbles,it is done.When there are no more bubbles with added eggshells, it means the solution is saturated.

How to use WCA

Dilute 1 part of WCA :1000 part of water.(ex: if you use 5gal of water you need 20cc of WCA)

WCA is effective in converting plant's life cycle from vegetative to reproductive growth.Spray on the leaves after the fruits have become large,make sweet crunch fruits,strengthens the flower buds,and you will have good fruits this year and big yield next year. Use with water-soluble calcium phosphate,false acacia FPJ,OHN, sea water,you will have better taste and aroma fruits.
Calcium,sea water,and variety of minerals are very important for crops health.Calcium moves carbohydrate from the body(leaf and branch) to the storage organs(fruit). It is effective when crops have over grown,leaves have bad color or no shine,flower blossoms just fall,fruits don't ripe or the fruits are not sweet.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cook with very first string bean harvest/April 1,2011

Tossed beans in my yard maybe March??? or late Feb??? and it's growing!!!

it's from my yard :)

Make somthing with it

Soak meat in OHN and browning

Add string bean,onion,sesame oil,chili pepper and rice cake

It's so good!!!

Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)

Plants are composed of blood,chlorophyll and fiber.Plus,there are about 100,000 to 150,000 microorganisms less then 1/2"squares of leaf.Most of them are lactic bacteria and yeast.


Fermented plant juice is extract of the plants blood and chlorophyll. Brown sugar is used to extract the essence through osmotic pressure.Therefor ,FPJ is a rich enzyme solution full of these bacteria invigorating plants and animals.Process of making FPJ produce small quantity of alcohol extracting chlorophyll from the plant.

Master Cho start experiment with diluted kimchi juice to crops to see whether hot pepper seeds would germinate in old sour kimchi juice.Results were more than expected.Old dipped seeds also sprouted and grew healthy.FPJ was invented based on such experience.

Mugwort and Dropwort

Mugwart and dropwort are the basic FPJs.
Traditionally who just given birth bathed with mugwort broth water.
Mugwort is rich with Iron.Dropwort is rich with manganese.
Iron and manganese are not only important to human but also essential minerals in plants process of growth.

The best ingredients are everywhere.Plants with vivid energy are everywhere.Any plants full of vital power are good.We can utilize variety of weeds,wild plants from mountain or sea as ingredients for making FPJ.
Plants start to grow first in spring or remain green longest in late fall,fast growing bamboo shoots arrow roots, banana, papaya,mango,lateral buds of all plants contain high growth hormones are excellent for FPJ.

Natural Farmers shall make sure mugwort and dropwort FPJ are always ready!
Mugwort use including cooking,medicine and bath.
Dropwort alleviates and promotes urination,full of calcium,manganese,good for blood circulation and stimulate peripheral nerve.

Find the plants that grows fast and vigorous.Fast developing plants have growth hormones that are active which means the plants have a lots of energy.This characteristic can improve any weaknesses and recover health problems.

When you use bamboo shoot,muwort,dropwort FPJ together when diseases weaken crops will increase the effect of vegetative growth.

Collect plants of the season and same plant of the crops.

How to collect;

All the plants for FPJ should collect just before sunrise.Plants have most nutrients at that time.Also ingredient with morning dew on them give you more volume.Make FPJ quickly right after collect the plant to contain most nutrients and vitality.
Do not wash the plant just shake off the dirt and collect growth points 3-5".

Container and materials;

Clay pot,glass jar,avoid stainless steel,iron.
Brown sugar needed is about 1/3 to 1/2 weight of ingredients and in case of ingredients with high water content add more sugar.
Stone;need a stone to extract air.Remove stone after 1 or 2 days.
cover lid;A cover is needed to prevent insects.Porous papers are ideal.It must air in and out.Write the date and ingredient on the paper.

How to make FPJ

1.Collect the ingredients.
2.Shake off dirt.Do not wash in water.If ingredients are too big cut  them 2-4" to promote osmotic pressure.
One ingredient goes in one container.
3.measure weight of the ingredient.Brown sugar should be 1/3-1.2 of the weight of the ingredient.Add more sugar if needed.
4.Mix the together put in the jar.It should fill up to 3/4 or more.
5.Put on weight.
6.cover with paper and tie on to the jar.
7.Remove the weight after 1 or 2 days.Put on paper again and tie.
8.Put the jar in a cool and shaded area.Do not open,move or stir the ingredient during the fermentation.(It takes about 7 days)
9.Extract juice in the bottle and rest of the material use for composting or animal feed.

How to use

1 part of FPJ: 500-1000 part water
FPJ are normally used at dilution of 500-1000.When used with other inputs, the solution should have more water. And when the crops are at germination to infant stage, FPJ should be used at lower concentration(1000)
After entering the vegetative growth,use general dilution rate.If leaves are small, make it milder.
During reproductive growth it is better to use stronger concentration(800) and spray on the leaves and fruits.
Dropwort and mugwort FPJ are good for recovery after storm,typhoon,cold etc.
FPJ will help plant quickly cope with natural disaster.
You should also control the dilution rate according to the weather.Stronger in wet season and weaker in dry season.
FPJ revitalize crops and trees which all dried out and seems like it was going to die.

The FPJ can also help treat weakened digestive systems of cows,pigs,and chicken when fed to them with brown rice vinegar.The animals will soon regain appetite and energy.Dilute with water(1:1000)