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Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)

Plants are composed of blood,chlorophyll and fiber.Plus,there are about 100,000 to 150,000 microorganisms less then 1/2"squares of leaf.Most of them are lactic bacteria and yeast.


Fermented plant juice is extract of the plants blood and chlorophyll. Brown sugar is used to extract the essence through osmotic pressure.Therefor ,FPJ is a rich enzyme solution full of these bacteria invigorating plants and animals.Process of making FPJ produce small quantity of alcohol extracting chlorophyll from the plant.

Master Cho start experiment with diluted kimchi juice to crops to see whether hot pepper seeds would germinate in old sour kimchi juice.Results were more than expected.Old dipped seeds also sprouted and grew healthy.FPJ was invented based on such experience.

Mugwort and Dropwort

Mugwart and dropwort are the basic FPJs.
Traditionally who just given birth bathed with mugwort broth water.
Mugwort is rich with Iron.Dropwort is rich with manganese.
Iron and manganese are not only important to human but also essential minerals in plants process of growth.

The best ingredients are everywhere.Plants with vivid energy are everywhere.Any plants full of vital power are good.We can utilize variety of weeds,wild plants from mountain or sea as ingredients for making FPJ.
Plants start to grow first in spring or remain green longest in late fall,fast growing bamboo shoots arrow roots, banana, papaya,mango,lateral buds of all plants contain high growth hormones are excellent for FPJ.

Natural Farmers shall make sure mugwort and dropwort FPJ are always ready!
Mugwort use including cooking,medicine and bath.
Dropwort alleviates and promotes urination,full of calcium,manganese,good for blood circulation and stimulate peripheral nerve.

Find the plants that grows fast and vigorous.Fast developing plants have growth hormones that are active which means the plants have a lots of energy.This characteristic can improve any weaknesses and recover health problems.

When you use bamboo shoot,muwort,dropwort FPJ together when diseases weaken crops will increase the effect of vegetative growth.

Collect plants of the season and same plant of the crops.

How to collect;

All the plants for FPJ should collect just before sunrise.Plants have most nutrients at that time.Also ingredient with morning dew on them give you more volume.Make FPJ quickly right after collect the plant to contain most nutrients and vitality.
Do not wash the plant just shake off the dirt and collect growth points 3-5".

Container and materials;

Clay pot,glass jar,avoid stainless steel,iron.
Brown sugar needed is about 1/3 to 1/2 weight of ingredients and in case of ingredients with high water content add more sugar.
Stone;need a stone to extract air.Remove stone after 1 or 2 days.
cover lid;A cover is needed to prevent insects.Porous papers are ideal.It must air in and out.Write the date and ingredient on the paper.

How to make FPJ

1.Collect the ingredients.
2.Shake off dirt.Do not wash in water.If ingredients are too big cut  them 2-4" to promote osmotic pressure.
One ingredient goes in one container.
3.measure weight of the ingredient.Brown sugar should be 1/3-1.2 of the weight of the ingredient.Add more sugar if needed.
4.Mix the together put in the jar.It should fill up to 3/4 or more.
5.Put on weight.
6.cover with paper and tie on to the jar.
7.Remove the weight after 1 or 2 days.Put on paper again and tie.
8.Put the jar in a cool and shaded area.Do not open,move or stir the ingredient during the fermentation.(It takes about 7 days)
9.Extract juice in the bottle and rest of the material use for composting or animal feed.

How to use

1 part of FPJ: 500-1000 part water
FPJ are normally used at dilution of 500-1000.When used with other inputs, the solution should have more water. And when the crops are at germination to infant stage, FPJ should be used at lower concentration(1000)
After entering the vegetative growth,use general dilution rate.If leaves are small, make it milder.
During reproductive growth it is better to use stronger concentration(800) and spray on the leaves and fruits.
Dropwort and mugwort FPJ are good for recovery after storm,typhoon,cold etc.
FPJ will help plant quickly cope with natural disaster.
You should also control the dilution rate according to the weather.Stronger in wet season and weaker in dry season.
FPJ revitalize crops and trees which all dried out and seems like it was going to die.

The FPJ can also help treat weakened digestive systems of cows,pigs,and chicken when fed to them with brown rice vinegar.The animals will soon regain appetite and energy.Dilute with water(1:1000)

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