Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sea water is not only rich in sodium, it has abundant minerals and other unknown micro nutrients. They boost the crops'metabolism that is easily deficient of minerals.It is annual event for Natural Farmers to travel to the sea and bring seawater for one year's use.Most NF orchards would pick up seawater as the best input for elevating sugar content of fruits.Seawater is diluted by 30 times,sun dried salt by 1,000 times.

How to use seawater

1.To sweeten the fruits.Add WCA(1:1000) to dilute seawater. Spray twice ;month before harvest and then 20days before harvest.
2.To prevent feather loss of chickens in summer.Feed diluted seawater,BRV(1:200),WCA(1:500) once in 2 days.

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