Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water-soluable Cacium(WCA)

What is WCA?
Calcium contributes to better utilization of carbohydrates and protein.It is also major element in forming a cell membrane.Calcium prevents overgrowth of crops,hardens the fruit,prolongs storage period,promotes absorption of phosphoric and helps crops accumulate nutrients.
If crops has calcium deficiency cells cannot form properly.The leaves will dry out into brown.In case of peanuts, when you have empty shells, this is calcium deficiency.
Calcium is abundant in egg,oyster and crab shells.The best is egg shells.We shell make a water-soluble state.

How to make WCA

1.Collect eggshells rinse with water and take the inside peel out.
2.Brake the shells into small pieces.
3.Roast shells in the pan on simmer temperature for 45mins to remove any organic substances that can rot.
3.One part of roast shells and 10 part of brown rice vinegar(BRV) in the jar.( Remember total materials only fill up to 2/3 of jar.) The eggshells will move up and down,when there is no movement or bubbles,it is done.When there are no more bubbles with added eggshells, it means the solution is saturated.

How to use WCA

Dilute 1 part of WCA :1000 part of water.(ex: if you use 5gal of water you need 20cc of WCA)

WCA is effective in converting plant's life cycle from vegetative to reproductive growth.Spray on the leaves after the fruits have become large,make sweet crunch fruits,strengthens the flower buds,and you will have good fruits this year and big yield next year. Use with water-soluble calcium phosphate,false acacia FPJ,OHN, sea water,you will have better taste and aroma fruits.
Calcium,sea water,and variety of minerals are very important for crops health.Calcium moves carbohydrate from the body(leaf and branch) to the storage organs(fruit). It is effective when crops have over grown,leaves have bad color or no shine,flower blossoms just fall,fruits don't ripe or the fruits are not sweet.

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