Thursday, March 24, 2011

Water soluable Calcium (WCA)

Calcium contributes to better utilization of carbohydrates and protein; it is also a major element in forming a cell membrane and enables smooth cell division.Calcium also bonds with organic acid to rid the harmful substance in the body.Calcium prevents overgrowth of crops, harden the fruit, prolongs storage period, promotes crops absorption of phosphoric acid, and helps crops accumulate nutrients.
Calcium is abundance in egg,oyster and crab shells. The best is egg shells.But giving these materials directly will not be so impressive.
We shell make water-soluble state.

* How to make WCA
1.Collect eggshell and take out the inside peel out.
2.Brake the shell in small pieces.
3.Roast shells about 45 mins in low heat to remove any organic substances that can rot.
4.Put the 1 part of roasted shells container and add 10 part of
   brown rice vinegar.(If you do not have BRV use natural vinegar)
   The eggshell will move up and down,emitting bubbles.
   When there is no movement or bubbles,it is done.
5.Dilute ratio WCA:Water/1:1000

In some cases, shrimp or crab shells maybe added to improve the effect, and Alvan powder may also added (one hand full per 18 liter of BRV)

How to use WCA
This WCA is effective in converting plants life cycle from vegetative to reproductive growth. Natural Farmers spray WCA on the leaves after the fruits have become large. They prevent over growth and make a sweet hard fruit.
WCA strengthens the flower bud, you will get good fruits this year and big yield next year. Use with water soluble calcium phosphate,false acacia FPJ, OHN, sea water you will have better aroma fruits.
As crop enter their later stages of the life cycle they need calcium,salt and variety of minerals. Calcium and salt are very important for their health.
To disregard this aspect and focus on only NPK is wrong. And side-effects are seen everywhere.
Calcium moves carbohydrate from body(leaf and branch) to the storage organs(fruit).It is effective when crops have overgrown,leaves have bad color or no shine,floral differentiation is weak,flower blossoms just fall,fruits don't ripe,or the fruits are not sweet.

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