Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN)

OHN is made from popular oriental herbs like Angelica,Licorice,Cinnamon,they are common at Chines drug store.These are the dry ingredients and Ginger and Garlic is fresh ingredients.
OHN is a very important inputs in Natural Farming.

How to make OHN
1.Angelica,Licorice,Cinnamon,Ginger and Garlic in this ratio.2:1:1:1:1
2.First step is need to rehydrate 3 main ingredients in separate jars.( Angelica,Licorice,and Cinnamon)
  Needs rice wine or beer.Fill up dried each material 1/3 of jar and soak up with rice wine or beer up to 1/2
  of the jar.Let it absorb moisture for 1 or 2 days.Cover top with paper towel and tie it.
3.After 2 days prepare Garlic and ginger.(Garlic and ginger do not need this step because they are fresh ingredients.) In separate jar crush them put in the jars.
4.Add brown sugar equal amount of weight of material. It will fill up 2/3 of the all 5 jars.
5.Cover with porous paper and tie it and leave 5-7 days for fermentation.
6.After fermentation add distill liquor(like vodka ) into remaining 1/3 space of the 5 jars.Stir with wooden spoon clockwise every morning for 14 days.
7.After 14 days take out each 1/3 of liquid in different jar and label them and repeat #6  all together 5 times.
8.Mix the juice from five jar for use.Ratio Angelica: Licorice: Cinnamon: Garlic: Ginger =2:1:1:1:1

If you use 5 gallon water you need only 20 cc of OHN.
OHN makes crops healthy.It is used throughout the early, vegetative, changeover and fruiting stages. Basic dilution ratio is 1:500 or 1:1000.
When crops are weak,mix/apply FPJ 1:500,BRV 1:500 and OHN 1:1000.
When plants have soft rot or anthracnose,add water soluble calcium(WCA 1:1000)to the this solution.

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