Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brown Rice Vinegar (BRV)

What is BRV?
BRV seems to promote vegetative growth at low concentration and reproductive growth at high concentration.BRV is important in the early stage of leaf growth. If applied on the early stage of leaf growth,the wax layer will become strong,and leaves thick. Trees will have strong resistance to disease and pest. They also develop better absorbing capacity so nutrient applications will be more effective. Acetobacter seems to have antiseptic ability and prevention of germs. The use of BRV is very wide. Sharing your own experiments with others will be helpful.

How to use BRV
* Make water-soluble calcium/calcium phosphate/phosphoric acid with BRV.
* For disinfection,spray 400-500 dilution during young leaves and 200-300 dilution for adult leaves.
* Mix(500) with FPJ or OHN to make seed/seedling treatment solution.
* In case of bacteria disease in green house or tomatoes,apply 100-200 dilution together with (1000)WCA.
* Apply 70 dilution (very strong) to leaves 3-4 times for controlling aphids or mites.

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