Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bacterial Mineral Water (BMW)

What is BMW?
There are various minerals in water which affect the life of the crops. To obtain sources for clean and good water is one of the most important and basics in farming. In some countries including Japan,they are actually specially processed water for agriculture or stock breeding.Even harvest and quality of crops depend on the water.Basic principles of making good water are simple.Make the water particle smaller for better absorption and condition with minerals and microorganisms.
The minerals and IMOs in the rocks will dissolve into the water and you will get treated water for agricultural use that is rich in minerals,microorganisms, and oxygen.

How to make BMW
1.dig a pond of 120cm depth.
2. Cover with plastic sheet to hold water.
3. Make waterfall equipment above the pond.
4. Prepare variety of rocks(Alvan must included) break them with hammer so they have sharp edges.
5. Put the rocks in a steel mesh sack.
6. Put IMO4 in cotton cloth sack.
7. Secure both sacks so they are just blow the surface.The appropriate location of IMO should be where the water goes through the sack and creates a whirlpool.
8. Let the waterfall smash down on the rocks.
9. At first IMO sack will drown. But after a while,The sack will float.This is when the inside material should be changed.

How to use BMW
BMW can be used for many purposes. You can give directly to crops or animals.This will cure chicken or pig's diarrhea caused by drinking water.
Adding seawater (1/30) will improve water quality because it is rich in salt and various minerals.
When there is a drought this water can be used for irrigation.It makes the crops endure drought better and make them healthier.If there is an order in the livestock housing or when the fermentation of their feces is slow,the BMW may be used as drinks or sprayed on the floor. The odor will disappear and the floor will be come clean.
Koreans called water out from between the rocks "medicine water" and water that ran through the humus of valleys "ginseng water." This is because that water had special effects. BMW was developed in order to make this artificially and utilize it.

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