Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to make Mak Keol Li (Rice wine)

1. Rice 11 lbs.
2. Water 8 quarts
3. Noo Rook (enzyme) 8oz
4. Dry yeast (instant yeast) 1oz
5. Clay Jar > 5 Gallon
6. Steam Cooker
7. Cheese cloth to wrap up the rice
8. Sieve
9. Paint strainer
1. Wash the rice until the water is very clean
2. Soak the rice in water for 3 hours
3. Take out rice & put into the strain able basket to drain water for 1 hour
4. Put the rice into cotton muslin cloth & wrap it into steam cooker to make dry steam cooked rice
5. Dissolve the 1oz of dry yeast into small amount of water
6. Add the dissolved dry yeast into the clay jar or plastic cooler
Add  Noo Rook (enzyme) powder 8oz with 8 quarts of water & mix ,dissolve well
7. Spread the dry cooked rice with cloth on the plastic sheet to cool down/below the body temperature
8. Put the cooled cooked rice into the clay jar or plastic cooler & stir it well
9. Close the jar or cooler with breathable cover (clean cloth or Korean Hanji) & tie it
10. Temperature should be maintained at 77F-82F not over 90F for about 5 days
11. For the first 2-3 days whirl or stir 2x a day. First it may be difficult but as fermentation processes it will become smoother
12. After 5 days stir it well ,then take out part of them sift it through a sieve with gentile rubbing
13. Add equal amount of water to dilute it.

14.Add honey or sweetener
15.Fill into PE bottle & leave at room temperature to ferment for a day. Bottle will become harden due to gas inside the bottle. Place in refrigerator 1-3days. Taste will be better.


  1. Is this the same as the BRV? It seems like BRV could get expensive when starting out with natural farming. For example the wca is 1 part egg shell to 10 parts BRV. I haven't yet tried, so maybe I won't use as much BRV as it seems.

  2. Aloha Bradley,
    I have not made BRV yet.It takes too long but what I heard if you leave rice wine 6 month or more then became BRV.
    I only saw your comment today.
    Happy Natural Farming and have a great day,Kim