Thursday, September 15, 2011

About unfermented "fresh" organic matter

To note on the use of organic fertilizer, you must remember that applying unfermented "fresh" organic matter ( like rice bran,sesame dregs,animal feces,food waste,etc) to the field can be harmful.
First as they decompose, they consume oxygen, depriving soil of oxygen.
Second,they emit ammonia or methane gas as they decompose which harm the crops.It will be worse in greenhouses.
Third, organic matter means food, it attracts pests.
fourth, organic matter will not have effect immediately after application but toward the later stages when you do not desire such effects.


  1. I found your site while researching NF. Just wanted to tell you that your information, site, layout, is very nice and classy. Your information is extremely relevant and clear. Thank you for your efforts


    1. HI Bryan, I loved your videos on youtube. Why they are removed now? Can you please re-upload. Thank you

  2. In your article about chicken feed, you stated that it will be given 'only' once a day. And best time would be 2 hours before sunset. On the other hand, in your video, you mentioned that feeding chicken is your first thing to do right after you wake up in the morning.
    Which one would be good ?

    Regard from Indonesia


    1. Aloha Arip,
      2nd best time to feed is morning because I work but best time to feed them is late afternoon.
      I only saw your comment today.Should check my blog more often :)
      Have a great day,Kim