Thursday, September 15, 2011

About Natural Minerals

In Natural Farming, it is most important to make soil diverse and abundant minerals. IMO, seawater, red fine soil, and other inputs are also function for that purpose.
We have a very unique farming input called the "Natural Mineral(NM)".
It was developed by Dr.Gawada Gaoru,Gawada Institute,Japan.

Effects of NM
Suppresses damage from relaying cropping and soil disease.Prevents crop diseases, invigorates microorganisms and promotes breakdown of organic matter.

Promote ionization of soil.Improves crop capacity to take in minerals.
Softens the soil,improves aeration, water penetration,water storage and fertility.

Prevents rotting of crop's roots. If you apply mineral before sowing, the seeds will be grow well and be strong against cold/heat.

Promotes photosynthesis,leaves,roots growth,improves quality,taste and yield of crops.
Promotes activity of enzyme,controlling the crop's growth,prevents overgrowth, help floral differentiation and increases number of ripe fruits.

Cautions in using NM
Do soil treatment before plowing.
Growth promotion minerals should be used after germination or one week after root settlement of seedlings.
NM must be diluted 1,000 times.
Do not use two different minerals together.
Use mineral again at least after one week.

Natural Mineral A (NMA)
Used for soil,seed/seedling treatment.

Restores mineral balance in soil, boosts microorganism activities,and suppresses relayed cropping damages or diseases.

Soil treatment: apply 1,000-2,000 liters of NMA(1:1000) per 1/4ac before plowing.
If soil is suffer from serious relaying cropping damages first apply IMO and LAB ( or yeast) onto the field.
Anaerobic microorganisms dig into soil and aerobic ones follow
soil is enriched.

Low temperature before harvest : Mix/apply IMO,NMA(1:1000),BRV(1:500),LAB(1:1000),OHN(1:1000),FPJ(1:500).

Natural Mineral B,C (NMB & NMC)
Both are used to promote Type II growth.
NMB is for root crops, NMC for leafy/fruity vegetables and general crops.
Promotes enzyme activities and photosynthesis makes vigorous roots/branches.Restores mineral balance in body fluid of plants, maintains freshness.

For soil irrigation dilute NMB or NMC 1:1000.
Water the soil with 1,000-2,000 liter per1/4 ac.

For leaves spray dilute NMB or NMC 1:1000.Apply on leaves with 200 -300 liter per1/4 ac.

Fruit trees dilute NMC 1:1000 and apply 2,000 liter per 1/4 ac.
Apply NMA 1:1000 directly after harvest 2,000 liter per 1/4 ac.

Natural Mineral D (NMD)
NMD promotes floral differentiation,reproductive growth and ripeness of fruits.
It is normally used in changeover period.

NMD allows good fertilization  and fruiting in low or high temperature.

Increases yield because it is very effective in promoting floral differentiation.How ever if the tree or branches are weak,NMD can produce many but low quality fruits.
If the tree seems weak use NMD with FAA.

For soil irrigation dilute NMD 1:1000 and apply 1,000-2,000 liter per 1/4 ac or spray 200-300 liters on leaves.