Thursday, November 4, 2010

The three principles of NF poultry

*The three principles of NF poultry

First, floor of chicken housing should be soil. Never use concrete. Part chicken from soil, you will bring diseases.

Second, do not artificially control temperature. Even for small chicks, fermentation heat of compost will suffice. Do not give heating with machines.

Third, feed whole brown rice graines after they hatch. Give bamboo leaves to strengthen the intestines.

* The three purpose of NF poultry

First, poultry farming and agricultural should  complement each other.
Chickens provide food and manure while agricultural by-products are used as their feed.  Agricultural by-products from 10a of land will make up 85% of total feed. Chicken feces will be used as fertilizer. Animal and crops are  interdependent,and the farming household can acquire food self-support and lower the cost.

Second, poultry farming fosters the harmony among family members. It lets each family member ranging from the elderly grandfather to primary schoolchild, present his or her own idea and opinions, and work together upon the consensus. Indeed, NF poultry needs only moderate labor for production. A family shoul work together and through work,form a close relationship.
Nowadays, poultry is completely commercialized; the only purpose is profit.

Third, NF poultry rehabilitates the surrounding environment. It enriches your fild, brings nutrients to your table and helps the community economy. As you practice NF poultry, cooperate and share with your neighbors.

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