Saturday, November 6, 2010

NF chicken housing-no smell, no emission, no cleaning, no disease

NF chicken housing is designed carefully utilize the nature's power and to suit the habits, instincts and behaviors of the residents ( Chickens!)

* Roof and wall

The roof has a window. The roof window allows sunlight to come in and the sun light will always shed light on 1/3 of the floor throughout the day. This bright area shifts as the sun moves, and the whole floor gets a chance to see the sun once ( and is disinfected). The ratio of 1:2 of sun and shade is also ideal for microorganisms to grow.

Roof is made from galvanied zinc sheet which is a good heat conductor. The roof becomes hot so does air beneath it. The hot air escapes through the window and cool wind comes in from the open walls (convection). The wind takes away moisture from the floor, controlling the dampness. The walls are made of net at the front and back and has curtain to control air flow.

* Floor

Floor MUST be touching soil. Chop rice straw in 3 cm length and cover the floor at depth of 7 cm (3 cm for broilers). The soil floor with straw carpet mixes with enzymes on the straw, nutrients in chicken feces, microorganisms and NF inputs (FPJ, LAB, IMO,etc). Air convection povides ideal moisture level on the floor for the IMOs. From April to November, the floor dries up easily so spray water 1-2 times week ( this may differ depending on the regions)
Because IMOs are active in the floor, they break down chicken feces. That is why the chicken house has no smell. Chicken feed on the fermented products of their feces. You do not remove the feces, continue rearing for 10, 20 years without cleaning. Just take it out when you want fertilizers. Take out only 1/2 of the fermanted feces because removing them completly may have negative effect on the chickens. That is why you have no waste,wastewater,excretions to go treatment.
All treatment is done on the floor. The floor is feed producer,fertilizer factory and waste treatment plant.

These information is from Master Cho's NF book


  1. This is very interesting. I am beginning to raise chickens in Arkansas, where it is humid most of the year, though we do get freezing weather in the winter. Do you put anything on the rice straw other than water occasionally? We grow a lot of rice here, so I can get rice hay and hulls pretty easily.

    1. Aloha Arete Stables, I just saw your is Nov 28,2012
      Yes, you need to add IMO4 ( indigenous microorganism #4)
      I hope I have how to collect IMOs on my need about 3-4 lb of IMO4 on 100 sf area plus 3 inches of straw for egg laying chicken and for meat bird you need one and a half inch straw on the floor.IMO will ferment all the feces and will keep the floor dry without smell.
      Rice hall is great material to make IMO 3.


  2. can I use saw dust instead of rice straw or rice hull? Thanks