Friday, October 29, 2010


Information regarding IMO#4;
IMO(Indigenous Micro-Organism)

1.What is IMO

2.Combined local active Fungus, Bacteria, Small animal which are trained, survived and adapted to the local environment for thousands of years. They are main partner which have contributed the fertility of the soil. IMO will purify the soil water and supply the various nutrients

3.Characteristics of IMO
a) DECOMPOSITION: IMOs will decompose or convert the complex organic chemical compounds like dead bodies of plants, animals, excrements, organic fertilizers enter into the soil into the simple compounds or simple molecules so that material circulation is possible. Many other inorganic nutrients also become easily absorbable by the roots after being decomposed and highly activated by the IMOs.
b) CATALYSIS: IMO will enhance the chemical reactions in the soil. IMOs create complex or organic compounds by synthesis. They produce various materials including antibiotic substances, enzymes and lactic acids.
c) REVITALIZATION: Help to recover the correct balance of Ecosystem. In proper environment the IMOs grows first. Nematodes that feed on these IMOs are then attracted. Earthworms, mole crickets, moles will follow to make the balance of ecosystem normal.
d) SUPPRESSION OF DISEASES: Formation of the Natural Active Ecosystem Cycle will suppress various diseases. IMOs will suppress the overgrowth of certain microorganisms only developed by using chemicals and enhance the growth of various microorganisms. IMOs have survived against many adverse condition for long period and developed strong wild characteristics. This unique character will reduce the harmful diseases to happen in Natural Farming environment

4. How to use IMO#4
a) Soil Foundation: 1 week before seeding or transplanting a new crop, scatter over the field & cover the soil surface about 1 to 1.5 inches depth or 150Kg(=330 lbs.) of IMO#4 per quarter acre of land 2 hours before sunset. Spray soil foundation prep. solution 1 ton per quarter acre of land. If the field had successive cropping disorder, IMO#4 should apply X2 (2 weeks before & 1week before seeding or transplanting). Then use straws or leaves for mulching.
Soil Prep Sol.(BRV=500/FPJ=500/OHN=1000/Maltose=1000/ OW=20-25/M-A=1000)

b) To make IMO#5 or Mixed Compost: Mix IMO#4 & compost materials=Organic matter(1:10) Organic matter=Fowl droppings, Pig manure, Cow manure, Fish meal, Commercial organic fertilize. Added powdered Cow bone/Shrimp shell/Crab shell/ Oyster shell/Egg shell would be good.
Ferment 7-14 days with 1.5 ft. high flat top pile
(65%moisture/FPJ=500/FAA=1000/OHN=1000 /M-A=1000) and cover with mat, straw or leaves.

c) To make liquid IMO#4: Put IMO#4 into the paint strainer(=Nylon stocking) 1:500- 1:1000 & soak
For example; 1 ton(1000 quarts) of water, 2-4 lbs. of IMO#4 is needed.
d) To manage odorless Pigpen, Chicken coup floor

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