Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some of Nutrients for plant on Natural Farming

To grow healthy plants fast acting nitrogen should not be used as base manure in the initial growth stage. In early and middle stages of vegetative growth,relatively large amount of nitrogen produced by microorganisms should be given. Phosphoric acid and potassium of the same amount shall be given once or twice.
In the early stage of changeover stage period when floral differentiation takes place, we use phosphoric acid. And in the coloring/maturing stage, potassium and calcium are effectively used. Calcium is applied at the later stages of growth. For when crops enter the later growth stage ( reproductive period, Nutrient types are II and III) Calcium(1:1000) and sea water(1:30) are needed for a very important role in maintaining health in plants.
Calcium is especially helpful when weather has not been good or when the crops are overgrown. We gradually increase the carbohydrate level compared to nitrogen in the body composition of the plant. Nitrogen is always provided in the minimum quantities to induce more active photosynthesis of plants.

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