Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ma'o Oranic Farm



  1. Hello,
    A bit off topic here......We're interested in using LAB as a spray on the hay we will be putting on the floor of our chicken coop. How much? Also 1000:1 ratio? Any other input would be appreciated. Should we also apply some lime and DE as well as IMO1? IMO's appear to take a long time to make, any ideas? We really like your chicken; we have Buckeyes, what are yours? I realize we're asking much of you;We hope you can help.

    Laura and Al

    1. Aloha Laura and Al,
      Wow I should check my blog more often...It's already Dec 6,2013
      Egg laying chicken coop need 2-3 inch hay on the floor plus IMO4 (100 sqt 3 lb) If smell then spray with LAB 1:1000
      You do not need to put lime or DE(what is DE?)
      Now I have Americana,Black star and White leg horn.
      Have a wonderful day and happy Natural Farming,Kim