Monday, February 21, 2011

no smell,no waste water Hog Heaven pig pan

3' deep floor
  Natural Farming pig house do not clean the feces.Pig manure is converted into excellent feed and fertilizer by IMO and the inputs added to promote fermentation.It is interesting that older the fermentation floor grows the healthier the pig become.In Natural Farming we do not spend money on treatment facilities.
Pigs are clean animals. NF pig farms do not have smell and have no flies.The pigs are calm and quiet.
NF pigs do not need any medication.The pigs are healthy.We do not have medication but only health maintenance.
Floor ground is 3' deep.Fill up with wood stumps,dry leaves,sawdust and wood chips mixed with 10% soil.Add 0.03% sea salt.
Use FPJ,LAB,IMO and other inputs to ferment the feces on the floor.
Pigs feed on the fermented excretion,so they dig and have soil bath and no skin disease. Microorganisms and pigs establish a cooperative relationship.
Farrowing unit floor is made of concrete to prevent piglet from crushing.Need to 4"soil on top of concrete floor.
 Piglet eat green grass and soil with their mother's milk,so they have strong intestines.

NF pig feed
Give food inedible to human, the point of NF feed is to convert waste into resources.
If you make home made feed 10% protein,30% greens,60% carb or10% protein,40% green,50% carb
Also always add IMO4 with their food and ferment daily.
If you make home made feed they are much healthier and less money for feed.
Train the intestines feed them greens and grass.
Provide green grass and fiber to increase the muscles.Pig should be 200 lb at a day 160 - 180. In early stage of growth, muscle and bones increase and in later stage fat increases.
For good pork,you need muscles.
Floor management and turning the whole bedding into rich minerals and IMO field also helps putting on muscles.
Pigs love green plants. Observe how clean and dry the floor is and how clean the pigs are.
NF pig pan never remove feces or clean!

 collect wood stumps

collect  sawdust,dry leaves,soil

wood chips

adding cinder soil first

added bio char

adding wood stumps about 1'

adding organic matter

IMO4 and sea salt

adding sawdust and cinder soil

NF pigs fed with a lot of fiber mature early.
Gilts can have off spring only 6 month after birth.
They should not reach 100kg-150kg (220-330 lb)  before pregnancy.
First pregnancy at 90kg(198 lb)
In Natural Farming, when gilt is 90kg(198 lb) after about 7-8 month,it has first pregnancy.
Conventional pigs would reach 120- 130kg(264-286 lb) by this time.
Saws are not tools for producing pigs. They reproduce to sustain their species. We must let the saws love their piglets. Follow the law of nature and doing so more productive in true sense.
Natural Farming puts in 6 sows in one unit(24'x12') Saw gets enough exercise and are happy digging and bathing in soil. They can move around freely,choose the sunny side or the shady.They farrow piglets on their own without human help and not crush the piglets.
For pregnant sows, make sure the breast do not form layers. And until they give 3rd birth control their weight at around 120kg(264 lb). Feeding rough materials and green grass will suppress weight and make muscular body. In NF pig farm, a well maintain sow can farrow up to 20 times.

Weaning at 42 days after birth
NF does weaning at day 42-45.In case of late weaning you need 25kg(55 lb) of feed until day 63.

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