Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to make /use SES

Seeds sold in the markets are close to chemical product. They need to be treated to recover their natural powers. Put seeds in warm water. The chemicals will come off then do the seed treatment.

Seed/seedling treatment solution is made by mixing the following inputs (dilution ratio) :

FPJ (1:500)
BRV (1:500)
OHN (1:1000)
NMA (1:1000)
Add FAA (1:1000) if seedlings are small and weak
Add WCA (1:1000) if seedlings are overgrown and soft

Fast germinating seeds( turnip,Chines cabbage,bean) should be soaked for 2 hours; medium germinating seeds ( cucumber, melon,squash,lotus) for 4 hours; slow germinating ones (rice,barley,tomato) for 7 hours.
1/2 to 1 hour is enough for potato,ginger,garlic,and taro.When you transplant rice seedlings,soak or spray SES on the day before transplant. Apply SES after trans plant also.

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